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UK wedding photographers working together to beautifully capture the story of your unique day.


  • "Where are you based?"

We both live in Cardiff in Wales, however we are available shoot weddings all over the UK and further afield! 

  • "How long have you been working together?"

We've been photographing weddings together since 2012, but our photographic careers stretch several years before that.

  • "How many photos are we likely to get?"

For full day coverage, we aim around about 500 photos as an average figure, however this does vary depending on your day. Every wedding is different, after all! The more "set pieces" in your day - bridal prep, speeches, first dance etc - the higher the number of photos is likely to be. 

  • "Does the price cover both of you?"


  • "We'd like to book you, how do we secure the date?"

To secure a booking with us, we require a deposit of 25% of the total fee (the package fee plus any extras, such as a photobooth), along with accommodation costs if applicable (so that we can book ASAP and get you the best price!), but excluding any travel fees, along with a signed copy of our contract. Then we're all yours!

  • "When would the balance be due?"

The remaining balance, plus any applicable travel fees, is due at least 30 days before the wedding date. 

  • "Have you got any tips for us in order to make sure we get the best photos possible?"

Yes! We will certainly give you tips along the way, both before the day and on the day itself, and we won't stray into "bossy" territory, we promise! From pointers about walking far slower down the aisle than might come naturally or holding that first kiss for more than a couple of seconds (often not a suggestion that we need to make to our couples..!), to directions for posing during your newlyweds portraits, we are here to be a helping hand. We are also always at the end of an email if you have any questions about how to time the day in order to get the best photos. Our couples have thanked us for making them feel very comfortable in front of the camera, so there's no need to worry about that on your day.

  • "How long after our wedding will we receive our photos?"

We try to get the final edit of your photos to you within 30 days. However, we always love to send a sneaky peek preview with one or two photos within in a couple of days of your wedding (perfect for your new Facebook profile picture!). The 30 day limit does depend on how busy we are, however, and at peak wedding season it may take an extra week or so. We'll discuss our schedule with you as we know it, and keep you updated about the ETA for the photos as we go!

  • "Do you charge extra for travel and accommodation?"

We only charge mileage for travel if your wedding is over 50 miles away from Cardiff, where we are based. Regarding hotels, we will usually try to travel back home that night, but if the wedding is over 2 hours away, or if we finish our working day particularly late, we may ask you to cover the cost of a hotel (reasonably priced - we won't be asking for 5*!). We would of course discuss this with you before any contract is signed.

  • "Would you like us to provide food for you on the day?"

If you are booking us for the full day package, then yes please! We are more than happy to be seated in a separate area, away from your guests so as not to interfere with the table plans! It's always good for us to eat at the same time as your guests, because who would want to be photographed eating? 

  • "We are a same-sex couple, would you be interested in photographing our wedding?"

Of course, and we have!  

  • "Can we put the photos on Facebook?"

The fact that you love your photos and want to share them makes us really thrilled! We are more than happy for you to share the photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc - we would just appreciate a credit line (tag us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram for brownie points!) and we ask that you don't edit the photos before sharing (Instagram filters or black and white conversions, for example).

  • "A wedding blog wants to feature our wedding, can we send them our photos?"

We'll usually say yes to this because we'd love them to be shared with people, but please check with us on an individual basis first! (Vice versa, we will of course always check with you if WE are approached by a wedding blog, magazine etc).

  • "We'd love some prints of our photos, can we print them ourselves?"

While we do include a print license with our photos, meaning that you can print them for personal use for yourselves or to give as gifts to friends and family, we also offer a printing service through our Shootproof online viewing gallery. This way, not only can your friends and family view all of your photos in a dedicated, password-protected gallery, but they can also order professional quality prints directly from us, guaranteeing much better results than are available from a high street printing lab. They're delivered directly to your door for ultimate convenience.