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Alison & Owain ~ Newlyweds!

Polly and Simon Photography

We're lucky enough to have some gorgeous landscapes provided by the Brecon Beacons here in South Wales. It's a fact we try not to take for granted. We've been wanting to take advantage of this for as long as we can remember, and last month we had the chance! A week or two after they got married, we took Alison and Owain out there for a newlyweds shoot. We've been really looking forward to sharing some photos from this shoot!

We'd visited this disused quarry with them a couple of times (herds of feral horses live nearby and have been the subjects of Polly's photos multiple times!), and the idea of a newlyweds shoot here was talked about months before they were even married. We were super happy as photographers to have perfect portrait weather when we arrived - overcast but dry, creating gorgeous flattering light that the clouds diffused wonderfully. 

What we weren't banking on was gale force winds, making the walk from the car to the quarry surprisingly challenging! The couple were brilliant about the icy cold wind, and luckily had come armed with coats and in Alison's case, a change of shoes to wear while climbing up the rocks before putting on her gorgeous Cinderella wedding shoes.

Luckily, once inside the actual quarry, we were fairly sheltered from the wind, however we did have to ask the newlyweds to step out to the edge of the cliff for some photos as the lighting had turned especially beautiful with a blue sky letting the sun hit the countryside below.

Having taken a wrong turn up the drive up to this area, we made a note to stop on this road on the way home. It's such a stunning area - it's open, flat, with a varied landscape of woodland and mountains surrounding it. Being open and flat, it was again FREEZING. We suggested that Alison and Owain ran down the road to warm up and luckily it made for some awesome cinematic shots!

This final image is a beast of a panorama - 12 images, to be precise. But with this scenery, it had to be done!

Congratulations Alison and Owain! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for photos from their wedding day.