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Sophie & Bamos ~ Married!

Polly and Simon Photography

We are so lucky to shoot such a wild variety of weddings. We've shot romantic rural weddings, vintage-themed outdoor weddings, woodland-themed DIY weddings... and sometimes you get a wedding which is a pure party from start to finish.

And that's exactly what Sophie and Bamos' wedding was!

They were married at the end of May at Asylum in London. This grade II listed Georgian building was an asylum in the old-fashioned sense of the word - a sanctuary for retired pub landlords. Nowadays it is used as an art space for exhibitions, location filming, and of course, weddings. 

The inside has a sense of urban decay to it, and with it a shabby chic beauty. The plaster on the wall is chipping away, but partnered with beautiful original stained glass windows and lit with candles, it really felt like we were somewhere special for Sophie and Bamos' ceremony.

Sophie wore a gorgeous mint-green dress (which looked amazing with her red hair!) and Bamos wore a tie to match. Besides that, the main theme of the day was laughter!

We're not sure we've ever had so few photos from a wedding where the couple weren't experiencing genuine laughter - Sophie especially is giggling in almost every single one! 

Time for a quick confetti shot (watch out for confetti gravitating towards champagne glasses, guys!), before guests were treated to a set from the choir that Sophie is a member of on the steps of the Asylum, and she even joined them for a rendition of Shake It Off!

Guests were then taxied down the road to The Ivy House in Nunhead, where clearly excellent planning meant that the gold lamé curtains at the back of the stage matched the Ferrero Rocher "wedding cake", while also making a great backdrop for the photos of the absolutely incredible speeches given. Every speech was 100% heartfelt, fresh, and funny.

Their first dance was to Glen Campbell's Wichita Lineman, which the guests heartily sang along to with enthusiasm!

Sophie and Bamos spent so much time after this dancing with their guests that it took until fairly late on in the day to finally grab them together for some couples portraits, which we took on the street outside the venue. After noticing the amount of high fives that had been taking place between the pair throughout the day, we just had to recreate some of these moments with leaps across the street which produced some hilarious out-takes..!

We enjoyed their day so much that we were smiling all the way home to Cardiff!